New Website, New Blog

I’d like to take this first blog post to talk a little bit about what you can expect to see here, as well as update you on the film’s progress so far.

When I first started making this film, I had only a vague idea about what I was getting myself into. I knew it was going to be a years-long journey, and that not only making my first feature doc, but also the process of finding out about my parents and moving past the trauma of their death’s was going to fundamentally change me as a person. I’m planning on using this venue as a space for reflection on the process as it goes on. Also, stay tuned here for updates on the film as it progresses from shooting to completion.

Right now, I couldn’t be happier about the progress of the film. We’ve finished a successful Kickstarter campaign, and are using the funds to research and shoot more interviews with old family friends. The Unbroken Glass team is also at work sorting through the footage shot so far, for some serious editing time later this summer.