Fall Happenings

This past month Unbroken Glass welcomed editor Matt Lauterbach to the project. Matt will be working with Leslie Simmer who will serve as an editing consultant on Unbroken Glass. On October 6th, director Dinesh Sabu was featured on a panel at the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival. Dinesh showed the most recent cut of the Unbroken Glass demo and discussed the early vision for the film’s outreach campaign. Dinesh also had a chance to showcase the film’s demo at the University of Illinois-Chicago for a class examining Mental Health in the Asian-American Community. The class, taught by Rooshey Hasnain, focused on the importance of storytelling when grappling with mental health issues.

And finally, the Unbroken Glass team is pleased to announce the largest individual donation to the film to date, a $20,000 contribution. This donation allows the production to continue forward into 2013. For more information on how to contribute to Unbroken Glass, please visit, UnbrokenGlassFilm.com/donate.