Unbroken Glass screens in Naperville as part of the Changemaker Series!

On November 19 at 3pm, UNBROKEN GLASS was screened as part of the Changemakers Series at Edward Hospital in Naperville. The event was sponsored by E3 Entrepreneurs and Linden Oaks and in partnership with the Buzruk Family, Indian Harvest and SAAPRI. After playing at film festivals across the country, it was great to be back in the Chicagoland area showing the film in front of an enthusiastic diverse audience including many South Asian community leaders!

“I hope that telling my family’s story will raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental illness, while at the same time empower suicide survivors and families of the mentally ill to share their stories,” said filmmaker, Dinesh Das Sabu. “It’s been a long road—living through these events and the filmmaking process—but I’m very proud that it’s done, and excited to meet an audience with it.”

Amit Thaker, Director of Business Development of Linden Oaks Behaviorial Health,  commented on why it was so important to show the film to the community: “Ironically, the same qualities that have marked South Asians’ successful immigration experience – an outward projection of emotional resilience, a relentless work ethic, a strong drive to assimilate – further complicate how they deal with mental health issues that arise in their families. My personal belief is there is no inherent value in silence, no valor in pretending that we’re never hurt, no shame in reaching for help. We as a society need to collectively admit the illusion of perfection can be a danger to our mental health.”

The founder of the Changemaker Series, Saily Joshi, stated:  “The Changemakers Series was started to invite individuals who are changemakers in their disciplines or fields and who would influence us to think a different way, learn something new or expand our mindset.

The core of Changemakers centers around the concept that in order for each one of us to continue to grow as individuals we must be ready to have courageous conversations with others from different walks of life and those who have had different experiences then our own. We were honored to screen UNBROKEN GLASS, a documentary that embodies all these elements.  Showing this documentary which highlights the stigma behind mental illness in the South Asian community is only the first step.  We know have the responsibility to all become ambassadors to break down that stigma.”

Dinesh attended the screening and, afterwards, participated in a lively Q&A discussion moderated by Mr. Thaker. During a post-screening reception, attendees had the opportunity to talk with Dinesh one-on-one and many shared their own stories. Thanks to Saily for organizing such a wonderful screening!